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I may have to buy one of the tiny cupcakes for breakfast.

Last night I wrote by hand in a neat little journal my friend Sam got me for Christmukkah. She's moving to LA soon for grad school and I will miss her. Everyone leaves Austin sooner or later, it seems. The important part of that was the writing by hand, though. I need to do that more often. And maybe also get a ribbon for the ancient typewriter (I think it was my great-grandfathers? Or maybe just grandpa's) that mom gave me because writing on more different things should ultimately mean more writing.

Also needs: more walks, more reading of books, more art-ing. Sketching, painting, finishing those disco creatures I've been holding onto for ages but tell myself I never have time to work on. I think I should take the longhorn I'm making for my parents out to their new house over Easter. It will be easier on the big wraparound porch to paint and glue than it would be inside my apartment with the cats trying to eat and play with every bead I'll be gluing on.

Currently I am sitting with a full belly in one of my favorite coffee shops, listening to my favorite piano album on my fancy headphones and stumbling very slowly through my work. I've taken to calling myself the George R.R. Martin of the thesis and quoting Confucius: "It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop." My childhood nickname was Molasses after all. (I find with dismay that more meals spent working in front of the computer has left me eating faster, however.)

I suppose I should get back to work since they'll be kicking me out of here in an hour and it's always usually hopeless once I get home to get anything done.


I don't know. Maybe I should start napping in the sun and/or get a hammock or something. Let's try some gratitude!

My happiest moment recently was Jasmine simply telling me what a good friend I am, last Friday. Not gushing in that way people do in the moment, just very matter-of-fact, in the way you do when you've thought about something but want to voice it firmly.

She came to see The Hunger Games with me for the midnight premiere and she lives so far down South and works up North, so I offered to let her spend the night. Her car battery died and I work from home on Fridays so I just told her to take mine to work and then we jumped hers and got a new battery in it before having happy hour on my porch with a bottle of wine.

I met her and her boyfriend Kyle on our graduation trip around Europe. I will always be so grateful to my past self for signing up for the trip on which I knew no one (the one girl from my sorority I only sort-of knew does not count) so that I made actual, life-long friends.

It was just a nice moment that reminded me of how we need to say these kinds of things to one another more often, because you never forget when someone very sincerely says them to you.
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