the sarah (unicornluvr) wrote,
the sarah

It has been a while.

So I figured what better way to open than with this magical message I just received on OkCupid? No really. MAGICAL.


Not to be vain but I'm only talking to you cuz of this hot ass pic of you in the pink wig, far better then any of your other pics. I would normally read a girls profile to gauge if we're a good match but I'm too busy looking stylish in my silver necklace whole reading about Amazonian's on Did you know that they try to sell stuff on that website, whats up with that?
Regardless, I'll give you bonus points if you like a challenge. I like that you're a person who can chill at home on a Friday night as I prefer to do that if the elements of a good adventure are not available. Also, plus points on the bald cat, if we connect and start hanging out ... I won't die. (I am allergic to heavy doses of cat, but not that bad and because of that fact, cats love the shit out of me).
Regardless if you like a real person who contributes fun and excitement in any environment, give me a look and we can stir things from there. Hopefully I don't find you walking in to an AA meeting, Ms Desperately Drinks :p. Maybe we can play dress up some day ... I call dibs on Captain Jack Sparrow ... and Naruto.

I can only assume he mistranslated "Bad Cat" as "bald cat". . .among many, many other things. Dear god. He looks how I imagine Skee-Lo to look also.

Obviously we shall wed at first available convenience.

Love from a Sarah
Tags: adventures in not dating, men, men are idiots, ok cupid
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